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The On-Call Chef Services

" What we can help to achieve, is much more than a catering service! "

What we can do for our corporate clients?

Beside the traditional catering services. We are also avaiable to help our corporate clients to create a mini food fair inside retails stores. We have most of the hardware for a decent presentation and our trained staff can also help to talk to customers and create sales opportunity. WE CAN HELP YOUR PROMOTION TO ACHIEVE THE NEXT LEVEL.    

What we can do for our clubhouse clients?

Our chefs are avaiable to go to your clubhouse and held a nice culinary workshop there. All we need is a suitable venue and kitchen tools. ( We do have a kitchen tools rental servives.) We perpare all the ingredients and recipes, all you have to do is tell us what kind of cuisine workshop you want and we will have everything ready. 

What else more we can do than a catering services?

Our chef can go to your house can cook the fresh meal for you and your friends!!! Give us a budget and we will create a menu for you. Waitress also avaiable if you have a big group of friends. 

For all enquires, please sent us an email or call us direclty to discuss. we are looking forward to hear from you and provide you the kitchen dynamic on-call chef experience. 

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