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Kitchen Dynamic?

 Why Choose 

Why you have to choose Kitchen Dynamic as your team building partner?

- Our team building is not just a group of people that "Cook Together" . We cook and work together in a Kitchen Setting in order to achieve your Objectives

- Our trainer and main staff comes from Canada.  Therefore Kitchen Dynamic training brings you experiences based on International Standard training and not local Hong Kong original team building.

- Our program is backed up by Nutritionist on site.

- We have been in the business for 9 years and have been hosting Culinary team buildings for different large corporations. Usually same customer keeps coming back: we have been training different departments and grading in the same company.

- We have experiences in holding event up to 150 people for many times.

- We have large customers base in Hong Kong such as Peninsula Group, Nike, Hyatt Regency , Zara Group, Coca Cola, and Govt Depts such as Social Welfare Dept and Labour Dept,  etc

- We have our own venue with 2,400 Square Feet with specific setting targeted for Culinary Team Building. Our location is just 5 mins away from MTR station. 

- You would never be regretted choosing Kitchen Dynamic as your partner as we could bring you what you "expected" and we could "achieve" your target! 

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